OK, to start, I know this is not really supported, but I have done it in a VMWare environment so I am hoping for some guidance here.

I have just, with extreme difficulty, added DSFW to my existing tree. That's really not true, I had to whack my DNS-DHCP locator, so DHCP is down and I can't reconfigure it, and i had to rename the target partition and create a new one which was totally blank to install. But it's installed.

And never mind the schema problem where users became containers (thank you NTS for your skill with DSDUMP). Which allowed me to relocate my novlxregd, novlwww etc. objects.

This allowed me to get LUM working so novell-xsrvd and novell-xregd would start which was needed before novell-named would start. But it starts. It's running.

Now I want to join a W2K3 member server to the domain. Not R2, so I don't need to run adprep, and in fact I did this in my vmware lab first shot. But right now I can't get joined in, what's happening is I get a message that it's unable to change the password of the computer object because the existing password is not correct.

Now the story was I used to have a real AD domain by this name, and renamed it successfully, transfered the FSMO roles to another DC, demoted the original domain controller. Then of course this new DC crashed while it was the only one in the domain and did so in a very unfriendly way, so I had to unjoin this member server and make it a workgroup server, so now I want to join it to the DSFW domain, which has the same name as the original name for the real AD domain.

I think I might have some detrius in the registry, it's trying to reconnect to the domain using old information which is not what I want, I want to connect to a new domain. If anyone has some deep dark insight into Windows registry as to what I could potentially safely whack that might allow this machine to join the domain...

I do know that DSFW is working somewhat, in that it successfully creates the computer object in the computers container, but I can't complete joining the domain.

I tried renaming the machine as well as joining the domain, I got a different message about dependent services but it did not join either.