I have just set up a two server network

Server 1 has NWSBS 6.6 sp1 with groupwise, web access, web server.

Server 2 has NWSBS 6.6 sp1 with FTP server, BM 3.8 sp4. using http proxy,
incoming smtp proxy( outgoing is static nat to server 1), FTP Proxy.

all is working well can send and recieve email, web pages come up, ftp
works. www.mydomain.com works as expected, I can login to imanager with
www.mydomain.com. When I try to login to www.mydomain.com/vo a Security
Alert comes up for the BM server if OKed I get a Error 404 stating this
pager is not found. This would be true because the BM server has no Virtual
Office installed.

Any advice to resolve will be appreciated