The situation:

Netware 6.0 fileserver
One directory with a lot of information files (.htm)
Much users with permission to "read only" this files

About every hour I have to refresh the files by an Windows program. This program crashes because some of the files are locked for a short time. Dumb program.
So I tried to refresh the files locally and copy them to the file server. The Windows Explorer reports an error, DOS-copy at console responds in the same way. XCOPY reports a an illegal "share".

I found by the help of Netware Monitor Program that the files, the users will browse by Windows IE or firefox, are reported in "File open / lock activity" with several connection with the "lock status" "not locked", the most of them for a time between 3 and 15 seconds, but some permanently.

I tried to set the netware "share" and "transaction" flags, no success.

What can I do?