Setup: two 6.5 servers, one exclusively with BM 3.8 sp3ir2. All
workstations running XP. Accepted the default filters and exceptions
when BM installed. This is my first implementation of BM. Running
clntrust from the container login script. Using HTTP proxy, and have
tried to connect with Transparent proxy enabled and disabled. I
unloaded proxy and reloaded it with the -CC switch. I read many TIDs,
but nothing has worked. The problems:
1. I can access the internet via a browser from my workstation,
although I cannot access these forums, which uses port 25, or my mail
host, using port 143.
2. All other workstations get the "403 Forbidden. Access has been
denied because you are not logged in" error message.
3. Should I turn off the filters to see if the workstations can
connect? If so, how are they disabled?
4. Unrelated to the above, but I also would like to know how to
manually install bm.npm in iManager.