I have tried to install the adaptive agent on a windows XP machine, then
cleared the image safe data and then run sysprep. After that I make an image
and restore this image to several computers. I discovered that these
computers have the same workstation object.

I then thought the best idea was to install the agent immediately after the
image is restored. I used the [Unattended] section in sysprep.inf to point
to a directory. In that directory I crated a folder called $oem$ and created
a file there called Cmdlines.txt. This file contains commands for installing
the agent during the mini setup on the first boot. The problem is I can se
the installation starting (ZCM splas screen are showing up) but the computer
reboot shortly after that. Then the installation process continues even if
not logging on to the computer but it never reboot the computer
automatically. After manuall reboot the adaptive agent is installed
successfully and works fine. Can anyone help me to get the last reboot to
work? Or any other ideas how to deply the agent?