After the 10.2 upgrade I noticed all the 10,000+ patch bundles are still
there. Do I wipe these out since they are not used by 10.2? Should the
update have removed them? Found this little blurb in the docs but that is

When ZENworks 10 Configuration Management is upgraded, can I use the
assignments for patch bundles from the old version?

Source: ZENworks 10 Configuration Management; Patch Management
Explanation: In ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.2, customers now
have the ability to use Satellites and other new features and there are
additional patch bundle distribution options to be set. To ensure that all
customers have the ability to change all options, the configuration settings
are completely cleared. Because settings are cleared, a new primary server
can be used for patch download, new license information can be entered for
the zone, and satellite distribution settings can be modified appropriately
before starting to use Patch Management.
Action: If old assignments for patch bundles from an older version are
needed, follow the procedure below before upgrading to allow you to see the
old assignments of patch bundles from the old product,:
1.. Go to the ZPM subfolder in the Bundles folder.

2.. Create a new folder name 10.1 Patch Bundles.

3.. Move all bundles to 10.1 Patch Bundles.

Best Regards,

Jim Koerner