I've got an app that I need to install on machines after they are imaged. The part that I'm having issues with is how and when it gets installed.

1. This app needs to be installed after the imaging agent modifies the Windows SID

2. This app needs to be pushed before the user logs into the workstation.

I've tried placing a txt file on the image and force running an app based on the existence of this file. The AO is designed to delete this file (to avoid looping) and run. The problem I have here is that the ZFD imaging agent reboots the machine before the app is completely deployed, and I really have no way of knowing if the SID has been modified before the install launches.

I've looked into add on images, but I don't think they will work as the ZFD documentation states that add-on images are really designed for simple apps, and I'm trying to install an MSI based app. I might be able to script something if add-on images are deployed after the ZFD imaging agent modifies the Windows SID.

Any thoughts guys??