Hi All,

We are looking at going to ZCM from Zen 7. A big issue we are going to run into is that we just started authenticating our workstation machines against our Edirectory and if we move to ZCM there may be no get those workstation objects back into Edir for the authentication happen.

What we have a network based on 802.1x, we have been able to have machines log into the 802.1x network using it's workstation name in NDS and the machine is placed on a machine network to be managed while the computer is at the login. This requires LDAP access to the machine object, as is the case in Zenworks 7. If ZCM is not based on NDS then I need to see if there is any LDAP access to the ZCM server or if there is a way for ZCM to create workstations in the NDS tree when they are imported.

Any ideas?