I just installed the Novell Client 2 for Vista/2008 on a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop with Vista Business Edition SP2. The laptop is a member of a Windows domain. It also has a fingerprint reader. Before I installed the Novell client, I was able to successfully log into the domain, both with a password and using the fingerprint reader, through the 802.11 wireless adapter.

After installing the Novell client, whenever the laptop boots up, I see the following error message displayed before any GINA is displayed: "The local computer username or password is not valid." I can dismiss the warning with the OK button, or wait and it will eventually time out.

Question 1: How can I get rid of this?

The holy grail would be a single sign-on to both the Novell network and the Windows domain (note that username and password already match) using the fingerprint reader, over WiFi. I'm not holding my breath.

Part of the problem is getting the wireless network up and running before user login. Wireless authentication is performed using WPA2 + EAP using the SecureW2 framework (securew2.com). Note that the credentials for the wireless network are cached, and are not related to either the Netware or Windows network.

From a cold boot, I can login to only the Windows domain -- the wireless network interface successfully authenticates using the cached credentials, before the Windows login. However, if I cold boot into a Novell login, it can't find the tree, presumably because the wireless network is not up.

On the other hand, once the wireless network is up, I can log out (without rebooting) and then, using a password (not fingerprint), I can single sign-on to both the Windows domain and the Novell network.

Question 2: Is there any way to get single sign-on working with wireless networking that requires authentication, from a cold boot?

As a workaround, I'm going to have the user login to the Windows domain first, then manually login to the Novell network after the desktop is ready, but this isn't optimal.

Thanks in advance