After installing SP2 for ZCM everything was running smoothly, so the next deployment stage was allowed to continue to update the zcm satellite servers. After the update of satellite servers, still no issues, so the next deployment stage was allow to continue to update just 6 computers. For the past two days while I was in ZCC it would freeze up and when I go the server locally I have been unable to log into the server and it seems that a process is locking up the cpu. I could not even shut down the server through Windows. I ended up having to do a hard shutdown by pressing the power button in order to shut down the server. Once I brought the server, backup ZCC will work fine about an hour or so, but then it will lock up again and the server would be locked as well.

ZCM 10 is setup using Windows 2003 server as the operating system. Before the update to SP2 I did not experience any lock up issues like this on the server.