Let me preface this by saying that this note will be all over the place.
I'm standing on the outside observing and trying to assist in
troubleshooting, and I'm not even sure I can adequately describe the
symptoms let alone narrowly define the problem. So, with that said, if ANY
of these symptoms ring a bell with you regarding a cause, please let me
know. It might just provide the new angle for resolution that we need.

Environment: A Groupwise 7 migration to Exchange 2007, with "co-existence"
required. Therefore, there is an API Gateway in place, linking GW 7 to an
Exchange 2003 server, which then connects to the Exchange 2007 system.


1.A migration of a user: In AD, the user object and a contact exists.
Migration is supposed to link the two and cause the contact to disappear.
In some cases it does. In some cases a new contact with the number 1
appended to the login ID is created.
These extra contacts are deleted manually in AD, but they return upon doing
a directory synch.

2. Removal of SMTP Addresses in AD: Extranneous SMTP addresses are
appearing on the merged/migrated users in AD. When those addresses are
deleted, they return.


Is it "normal" practice to do a directory synch in both directions? All
Mail administration is being done in EDirectory at this point, so it would
seem that synching from Edir to AD is all that would be necessary.

There seems to be some algorithm somewhere that is generating these Contacts
or SMTP addresses with a numeral appended. Where is that?

Again, any insights or new angles you can provide will be greatly