I have a newly set up single server NSBS 6.5 SP8 with BM 3.8 SP5. I'm trying to access Novell Remote Manager (NRM) from a local PC, and I need future access to it from outside as well. However, right now I can't access it from anywhere with BM running or not. When I try to launch it from the Novell Management Services page (https://myserverIP:2200/welcome/manage.html) in Firefox I get:
Failed to Connect
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at myserverIP:8009.
Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection.
No better in IE 7 or 8.
No better using http and 8008 instead of secure.

I can access iManager just fine on https://myserverIP/nps/servlet/portalservice when launched from the Novell Management Services page. I have tried unloading just the filters and unloading BM entirely, still no go. Portal.nlm and httpstk.nlm are loaded.

There are no rules set up for NRM in filtcfg, but with BM shut down entirely it shouldn't matter as it's all local traffic on the Private nic/IP. Could Apache2 be grabbing 8008/8009 for something else? I am leery of trying to add exceptions for the ports for outside access if it won't even run with BM shut down. Any ideas would be appreciated.