Hi All,

Vista64 SP2 - Post Patch Tuesday, some workstations are not fully able to control the "Local User" account that is setup in DLU. I go into the control panel after logging in Computer only, and there sits a "Local User" account (it shouldn't be there to the best of my knowledge)...

Anyway, when they login, instead of using the C:\users\Local User, they get the following: C:\users\Local User - <Machine Name>...

Fortunately I have all my script setup to not be bothered by this, should it happen (I saw it in older versions of ZCM).

If I delete the "Local User" account and reboot the machine, DLU is able to recreate and utilize the "C:\users\Local User" account.

So... something is breaking the DLU policies ability to control the orphaned - existing Local User account even though it is set to be able to take control of existing accounts.

Anyone else seen this or should I file a bug?