My current setup is that a router with an internal 192.168.1.x address
provides direct access to the internet; it connects via a crossover
cable to a switch, which has no IP address, to which all other
workstations and servers are also attached. One of my HP printers, with
a static IP address, also in the 192.168.1.x range with the same subnet,
requires a default gateway. Others on the network could not find it
when it connected via ethernet directly to the switch. I successfully
connected it to an RJ45 on the router, using the router's address as the
printer's default gateway.

I am about to change this configuration by having the BM server's public
NIC be the only connection to the router; both will of course have
public IP addresses. So, once BM is in place, the only possible
ethernet connection for the HP printer again will be the switch. The
default gateway for the printer that I can foresee will be the private
address of the BM server.

I do not understand networking sufficiently to know if I will be back
where I was, i.e., the printer attached to the switch, but unreachable
by the workstations. In other words, has anyone any suggestions as to
how to configure the network, or BM, so as to provide a valid connection
to the printer for the workstations?