i'm looking for further Management of PC Management for 250-300 Windows
Vista/Windows 7 because ZEN 7 doesn't support this Versions anymore.

We use Zen7 only for Imaging, Remotemanagment, Application Deployment,
DLU, no GPO or AD.

By now we use a 2 Node Netware Cluster with ZEN 7 for PC Management
together with File/Print Services and User Management in an eDir only

As far i can see, ZCM is much "bigger" and it would be not be
recommendet to run OES Services (NSS/eDir/Iprint) together with ZCM.

Is this not supported or tested?

Wouldn't be a modern 3 Node OES2 Cluster with 1 x Quadcore/12GB
RAM/FC-SAN (each Node) enough to host all Services together (like ZEN7)?

We like Clustering these Services pretty much, because Updates of
Hardware/OS/Services runs smoothly and Hardware Costs are low.

Or should a invest in a bigger Virtualization for these Services more

But what happens on Updates?
I think Downtimes on Updates increase, or?

Or could be MS Configuration Management together with AD enough for us?
Has anybody comparison between these 2 Tools?

Any Hint's welcome.