I have associated a remote execute policy to an agent server, with execution set to "relative to refresh"
I did a "rug ref" on the server, and the policy executed as desired. However, I noticed a problem in the script that I wrote and pasted into the policy. I would like to force it to re-run on that machine ONLY, without having to increment the version number on the policy. Is that possible?

Also, if I associate that policy to a to force a one-time change, I notice that it stays associated. What is the standard practice for this? Should I go and remove that policy once the change is made, and I have verified that it works? I do not want to have a whole list of one-time remote execution policies associated with the machines or groups, when they are no longer needed.
Obviously, I do not want to do direct association of policies to each server, but I am just doing some testing at the moment...

Thanks for any insight that someone can provide.

Allen B.