I have the follolwing issues on an OES2 Sp1 server with DSfW.
File access is from Windows PCs either via Novell Client (4.91Sp5) or
via Samba. OPlock support level is 2 and cross protocol locks are
We have an accounting application which creates zero byte files if
certain files are opened and removes these files if the those files are
closed to prevent that two instances of the application open the same
file at the same time.

This does work and worked without any problem for several years on NW
6.5 using NCP and CIFS - and worked before on earlier versions of
Netware only using NCP.

Now we often encounter the problem - only on NCP connections - that
those files are created and subsequently cannot be deleted from any NCP
connection either because the file is in use by another application or
because the file does not exist (that is what Novell Client tells).

Looking at those files via NRM show no locks at all. Via Samba or via
Linux they are easily deleted whithout any error messages.

Going completely to Samba is not really an option as this is much
slower than NCP.

W. Prindl