Frustrating problem - Application Objects that I have had working flawlessly with Logging enabled (from Common-Reporting tab) will randomly cease their logging functions. The annoying part is -nothing- on the server, or access rights, or the application objects themselves have been changed. Reporting just stops working.

This is especially annoying mid-way through a lights-out deployment when I no longer have an accurate count of what workstations had an application deployed to, or if any Apps encountered an error during deployment.

- Server and Agents are at ZDM 7 SP1 IR3a (the most recent release as of this posting)
- Applications are usually associated with Workstation Objects, running with workstation credentials.
- All Apps have Create/Write/Modify have set Reporting rights to the logging location, in addition to Workstations having the same rights to the logging location outside of the AO's settings.
- Restarting ZENworks at the server level does nothing to fix this.
- Deleting any existing logging file(s) (defined in the Common-Reporting tab) will kickstart logging again, but not a garaunteed fix, nor does it help during lights out distributions.
- Log files have no File Locks

Applications set to run as a User at login, seem to continue reporting properly. What I don't understand is at random times, any App with a Workstation association will stop reporting to file (and I am not converting back to an exclusive User Login-driven deployment method). The Workstation-associated applications do run, but I need reliable logging.

Has anyone experienced this problem?