We have a less-than-ten-workstation network. 2 servers, the first for
BM, the second for all NW 6.5 apps. The 1st takes time from the
internet and the second is a secondary, which works fine. The primary
server for each workstation is the NW server, although an IPX connection
is established for each with the BM server, and drives are mapped to
sys\public directory on the BM server. No SLP. Inetcfg/DNS resolver in
each lists the other server first, then the two DNS IP addresses of our
ISP. The address of each server is listed in the others Host file.
Everything is connected on one switch. When the BM server is put online
by assigning a public address to the internet router's internal
connection and connecting the router directly to the BM public NIC,
instead of the router being connected to the switch, I can still ping
the internet from each server, the ISP can ping my public address and
workstations can access the internet via a browser. However,
workstations cannot ping the BM public address, my smtp server (so I
cannot get or send mail), or any other internet address. So, it seems
there is a problem passing info from the private to public in the BM
server. Any suggestions?