I have been working on a strange thing for the last couple of days. I
am in the process of testing the the Transfer ID from NW65 to OES2SP1.
I was able to install my first OES2SP1 box into the tree without any
issues. I ended up wanting to re-run the scenario but I ran into a
glitch that I get to a certain spot in the OES2 installation and the
server does not go any further, the server does not hang, the program
just stops. The point where is stops is on the Perform eDirectory
Configuration screen, and the pop box is at "Configuring and starting
eDirectory", "This will take a while......" One of the final lines of
the /var/log/YaST2/ylog is "Starting the service 'ndsd' ...Done"

So I thought I might of missed something to delete out of eDir so I even
went so far as to use a new server name, and ip address, three
generations! And even a new box.

Current configuration includes four NW6.5.8 machines, eDir
OES2SP1 and OES2SP1b installation media.

I am stumped, any thoughts?