I have noticed some speed issues with our BorderManager and I think it is
related to cache volume size and relative usage.

At any given time, I can have 200 client active connections and 150 active
server connections. I got this information off the Proxy Screen (Option
1 - Display current activity).

We have around 14 Citrix Servers that serve 150 winterms. We also have
around 250 workstations. Each of these devices can have 4-5 different web
based applications running and java connections as well.

We have a 15MB ethernet pipe to the internet. What size cache volumes
would be recommended?

The issue I have noticed is that a load proxy -cc to clear the cache will
allow the server to run decently for a few days. After a few days, the
server seems to slow down. It starts taking 5-10 seconds to display web
pages between clicks. The normal only seems to take 1-5 seconds.

The only thing I can see server wise is that Remote Manager
shows "available directory entries" at RED. I sometimes only have 5% left
on the cache volumes.

Any suggestions? Also, based on having so many connections, would a
second server be recommended for load?