I'm trying to install ZCM 10.2 fresh on a new W2k3x64 application server and an existing MS SQL DB server. I was able to complete the installation one time, and it finished with errors in the log. I was watching the directory on the remote DB server, and a DB showed up in the list and dissappeared!

The issue looks like the syntax problem between the domain name "DOMAIN" and the name "DOMAIN.com". If I don't put "DOMAIN.com" (and put simply 'DOMAIN') in the initial install screen where I enter my admin credentials, I'm unable to get past the screen. It says that the domain could not be reached. If I put in DOMAIN.com, it completes, but it tries to use "DOMAIN.com\DBUser" for the DB user config, which fails! And you are unable to edit the domain entry in the page where the db user creds are entered.

What should I be entering for the domain? The server is operating fine on the domain, wins and dns are working fine.