Running a 2 node NW6sp5 server connected to a SAN via FC. Looking to
migrate to a VM environment & have storage allocated on our newer SAN.
This cluster controls file/print (ndps) access, plus dhcp, dns, GW mta
& poa.

Have a storage LUN carved out for this 'new' server(s) & VM environment
is setup w/ several servers already running between 5 esx hosts.

Question is, what would be the best way to go with this setup? Should
I try to setup a several VM node cluster again & set conditions to not
have these VM's on same host?

If this way is the best way to go, what is the best procedure to get to
this result? Taking in mind the existing cluster was not built by me,
so I'd be starting from scratch as far as cluster building exp goes.

Or do I just create one VM & figure that the VM environment will keep
things running smoothly enough?

Or third option of do I create a few different servers for separate
functions? Say 1 for file/print, 1 for mta & poa, & 1 for dhcp/dns?