Hi everybody,

I need to know the most efficient way to upgrade my server running Border
Manager 3.5.0 on Netware 5.1 Sp7 (NDS 7.62) to Netware 6.5 Sp4a!
I also purchased Border Manager Upgrade to 3.8 - but now I need to know the
upgrade steps with minimum down time!

I read the advice to upgrade BM first and than Netware, but BM3.8 requires
eDirectory 8.7 - and I only have NDS 7.62 now...
I already have 2 servers with eDir running NW65SP4a in my tree and now I
want to upgrade this server, but the Migration Assistent says, I have to
upgrade BM first.

The recommended procedure would take 4 updates in summary: eDir, TCPIP
modules, BM3.8 and then NW65 - all with at least one reboot and the
associated difficulties.

When I upgrade to NW 6.5, NDS is automatically upgraded to eDir and
I assume, that the TCPIP modules are the latest as well - so there would be
no problem installing BM3.8!

Does anyone know about upgrading to NW65 and leaving BM3.5 installed, but
not running? I could upgrade to NW65 then and to BM3.8 afterwards, leaving
services stopped during the upgrade process.

Any help appreciated!

Thanks, Sven.