Hi I am confused about how we set permissions for NFS Exports on Linux..

I am reading the documentation, which states

"nss /PosixPermissionMask=mask

Specify the octal mask to control which bits in the POSIX
permissions (drwxrwxrwx) are allowed to be set. The octal digits
correspond to directory, user, group, and other fields. By default, NSS
sets the POSIX permissions to 0777."

This is what we see. so as a user with a mounted NFS share, I can browse
with full access to all Directories on the Exported Share. This is bad
for us as, all user home (home=unix-home AND windows home directory on
shared disk) directories.

on NSS Netware, we used NFS in Independant mode, and just chmod the home
Directories. This did not affect the NCP or CIFS access.

Should I turn this setting off /PosixPermissionMask=mask in
/etc/opt/novell/nss/nssstart.cfg ?

Are there any consequences to turning it off, other than obviously there
will be difference possix file settings. Will NCP and CIFS still have
access to the traditional NSS file permissions?

If I can crack this, I can move the student volumes from Netware...
which will allow us to upgrade to Firefox 3..