After updating my primary server to SP2 I am having issues, which I started another thread for. The purpose of this thread is to find out has anybody tried to restore ZCM using the backup process outline by the novell documents.

In other word you back up the database and make a backup of the zone configuration and you reinstall the operating system and reinstall ZCM and load the backups.

The direction seem somewhat straight forward, but the other question I have is would I have to recreate all the bundles, images, policies, etc. that I had on the original ZCM before the format of the hard drive as it does not look that database and zone backups contains the contents of the content-repo?
If that is the case that the backups having nothing to do with the content-repo is it just a simple case of before wiping out my primary server that I copy the content-repo folder to another server and then copy back the content-repo on the newly redone ZCM primary server after loading the zone and database backups in order to be back up and running with all the bundles, images, policies, etc. that I had before?