I have a nwre 6.5 sp 3 srvr that has been averaging an 87% cpu utilization
for 3 weeks. I was planning on starting a migration to linux today and
discovered the high utilization in the preliminary tasks. Nothing has
changed on the srvr this year.

Since I plan to migrate should I...

patch up to sp8?

Also, how can I determine which process or processes is causing the high

Using Rmte mngr I see a thread name server 17 that is delayed. When I
select the link I get the following for thread information:

Thread Name Server 17
Thread ID 531DD160
Processor Assignment 0
Total Execution Time days: 14, hours: 14, minutes: 15, seconds: 18,
milliseconds: 431
MP Status In classic NetWare
Stack Bottom B7F62000
Current Stack Pointer Not available for running threads.
Stack Top B7F69F80
Stack Size 32,640 Bytes
Suspend Reason Delayed

Active Work To Do Information
Work To Do ID 6FA32898
Work Location 6FA18FE0 (AFPTCP.NLM|RemoveExpiredSessions+0)
Work To Do Description AES Events

What should I do?