I installed a ZCM 10.1 server. Applied update 10.3 through ZCC fine.

Update 10.2 was released, so I downloaded it through the ZCC and deployed it to my SLES 10.2 ZCM server.

It failed with an unknown error. It told me to look in the system update logs on the server. There was a folder for the update, but nothing in it.

I read that changing the ownership on the folder may work so I attempted that. No joy. So I deleted the folder, and redownloaded the update. Applied it and Success, it said Baselined.

However /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt still says 10.1.3, and all the rpms have that version as well. The server agents also say 10.1.3

Restarted the server. No joy, deleted the updates on the ZCC, and downloaded SP2. However can't apply it due to it being Baselined.