Groupwise 8.0.0hf1 client installed on Windows XP SP3

I have a user that likes to have the Display Names in his Personal Address Book to display as LastName, FirstName, and in Frequent Contacts he wants the copied contact Display Name to display as FirstName, LastName. When a contact is copied from the personal Address Book to Frequent Contacts there is a link between the two address books of that contact, so that when something is changed in the contact whether the contact is modified in Frequent Contact or his Personal Address Book, both entries are changed. This is great and love the feature. The problem comes in on the Display Name. If the Display Name in Frequent Contacts is changed to FirstName, LastName then the Display Name in the Personal Address Book changed too, except the user wants to maintain LastName, FirstName in his Personal Address Book. Am I missing a place where I can change that setting so that the Display Name is not synced with the Display Name in the other Address Book, or is this a new feature that needs to be requested? The only way I see this working as designed, is if all Address Books in this account, are setup with either the Display Name as FirstName,LastName or LastName, FirstName, and not the mix he has now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks