We seem to have a problem with Apche/ ifolder

This causes a second problem with the client..

1) server problem
What ends up happening is that the server stops syncing with the client.
The way to fix it is to stop Apache and wait a10-20 seconds and then
start it again. If we do an Apache restart it doesn't fix the server

The reason we think is this from the apache2 error log:
log4net:Error [RollingFileAppender] Unable to acquire lock on file
/media/nss/IFOLD_Storage/ifiles/smias/log/simias.log. Sharing
violation on path /media/nss/IFOLD_Storage/ifiles/smias/log/simias.log
Any ideas as to what may be wrong?

2) client problem
This happens with the & clients for windows
Since the above probem stoped the syncing, the client does not aut
restart syncing when the server is back up.

IF we manually stop the server - not due to errors.
The client will automatically start resyncing again.
I don't think the does -

thanks, joe