It seems strange that with all the NOWS SBE issues we all experience, NOWS-SBE-simbaUpdate20081215.sbu is still the only patch available. NOWS-SBE-simbaUpdate20081215.sbu addresses an issue which causes the NOWS SBE web UI to not display available patches. Once I applied this patch I began to see the available patches and add-on components.

Just recently, one of the optional patches that showed up from the SLES10-SP1-Updates catalog was "move-to-sles10-sp2". Yes, this is the same patch we were told not to apply because it would destroy our NOWS SBE2 system. Since we have no control over how Simba chooses and applies patches, I was naturally concerned and contacted Novell Technical Support (NTS). Long story short: The patch has been reworked to ensure dependencies prevent it from being applied to a NOWS SBE system. Too bad this information wasn't passed on to users. :(

I'm curious what others are doing about applying patches that Simba doesn't offer - GroupWise, for example.
  • Has anyone applied any GroupWise Service Packs or Hot Patches to their NOWS SBE system?

  • Have there been any issues?

  • Has anyone installed GroupWise 8? As an update? As a new install?

If anyone has had a less-than-satisfying experience, you could sure save the rest of us a lot of grief if you would share what you have learned!