I upgraded my nw65sp4 server to bm38sp4 and later added ir1. I have had
issues on several servers now with this config where it can't read the
bordermanager license. if i create a partition for the container that the
server and license are in and place it on that box, it works fine.
Generally, this is how I do it anyway.

This gets more complicated with a BM cluster server config. I have a BORDER
container that holds my cluster server object. Under that, I have a
container for NODE1 and a container for NODE2. This is where the actual
server objects, server licenses and BM licenses are. If I partition here,
it is ok, but I have something odd going on with my cluster monitor screen
that seems like it may be connected to partitioning the servers from the
cluster object.

The cluster nodes do NOT appear as their actual server name. Instead they
show new_node_0 and new_node_1. That concerns me. Am I on track with the
cause or do I have a bigger issue.