Multiple sites with various bandwidth links.

Three major sites have SLPDA on NetWare 65SP8

Single Scope "MYSLP"

Each SLPDA registers in the other two, the other servers register in all three.

WinXPSP3 clients NWC4.91SP5 + latest to June 15, 2009.

Clients have one SLPDA listed (but Static not ticked) and Use DHCP for SLP enabled with the same as the listed SLPDA + a second one (closest). Scope is not listed (just from DHCP).

SLPINFO /D shows the first SLPDA as CNFG, DHCP and the second as DHCP (as expected). Both SLPDA show as UP. At least by the time we can login they do !

SLPSNOOP shows SLP works (although I can't figure out what the "W" thing means in this tool - no documentation).

As soon as SLP Resolve Nearest is ON, we get Tree / Server not found at least until we browse for a tree. Turn it OFF and it all works.

STP on switches is not the cause. I have tried RSTP and STP disabled - and then a hub !

IP Costing is set to 2 (ping based).

I used WireShark and noticed that DNS requests are made for the User *context* and after a number of these get negative responses the client finally queries SLP. This seems to occur whether SLP Resolve nearest is on or off though, so this may be academic interest only for this problem.

Any thoughts on this ?

Anyone with a GOOD explanation of the difference between SLP Resolve Nearest and IP Costing ???