Have been using the GMS 2.0.3 for Linux for a year now successfully
and once in a while have had to do a softreset but otherwise perfectly happy.
I use it with just 2 phones (both Nokia N95 symbian series 60v3)

Now after I upgraded to GW 8 it worked fine for about a week, but then the server died due to logfiles rapidly encreasing and filling up my server.
I run it virtualized on the same server as my mainserver.

I then uninstalled the client on my phone - reinstalled it. But now it gives me an error when trying to sync;

Setting not found, userId:1, deviceType:0, category:3
Unexpected failure detected: NullPointerException

What can be causing this? How to start troubleshooting?

One server with GMS virtualized on a SLES 10sp1 / Nokia N95 with the shipping client for GMS on Linux 2.0.3
Groupwise 8.0 HP2 (working well)