I've logged a SR for this (on a low) but was just wondering if anyone else is having the issue.

I've had to re-install ZCM on our test server (hoping to be production soon), i've installed it from the new 10.2 iso.

When I try to install bundles on client PC's that have files in the content Repro, it gets to 50% then it just chuggs, every 1% takes a couple of minutes. so an install of office takes over an hour and a half.....

The same server before would install office in about 5 - 8 mins. It also was running 10.2 but I had upgraded that one in the order 10.1.1 - 10.1.3 - 10.2

Network installs are fine, its just content repo stuff.

Its a SLES 10 sp1 64bit box with 32 gig of ram and 2 Quad cores

Everything else seems to run ok, including patch management.

Just curious if anyone is having the same.