NW65sp7 running compression on 3 NSS volumes in 1 pool

We have "Compression Daily Check Starting Hour" = 1 and "Compression
Daily Check Stop Hour" = 5. Until last Thursday this was working fine
with compression stopping at 5am and utilization on the server returning
to normal.

Last Thursday the compression did not stop at 5am and kept running thru
the day. Not realizing it was compression causing the high utilization
problem we restarted the server and everything was fine until the next
day when it happened again. I issued a "nss /NoBGCompression" at the
console and utilization returned to normal. This has been consistent
thru the weekend and this morning that compression kept running far past
the 'Daily Check Stop Hour'

The workaround we are using now is a cron job to issue 'nss
/NoBGCompression' at the stop hour and 'nss /BGCompression' at the start

Does anyone know if there is a config file that could be corrupted that
NSS uses to know when to start/stop compression?