I tried to remove one of our primary servers. I entered the command from documentation to uninstall zenworks on a linux server.

mono /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/ZENworksUninstall.exe –x –s http://IPaddress_of_the_server:port_number -u username -p password [options]

On the screen I could see it was shutting down services. The last thing on the screen was WARN_PACKAGAGES_NOT_REMOVED (53) When I looked thru the uninstall log it said it could not remove some packages because of unresolved dependencies, so this message seems normal.
However when I pull up my ZEN console the server is still there. Should the uninstall process delete the server from my ZEN console? When I put a check in the box next to it, go to actions, click on delete, it says the preferred method is to uninstall it. Should I go ahead and delete it anyway now that I have already run the uninstall process?