I have an interesting problem. A client is running NW6SBS and Win98 workstations, supporting an old DOS Clipper app. They recently bought 3 identical new Dell PCs (Vostro 220 minitower, Win XP sp3) and I set them up on the network. 2 installed flawlessly, the third is flaky. Here are the specifics:

1. Windows local user logins work without Novell Client 4.91SP5 installed.
2. Win local logins workstation only with Novell client do not work, except administrator.
3. Novell user (lisa) login works on Win98 PC and other XP w/s.
4. Novell lisa login does not work with local administrator.
5. Novell admin login works with local administrator user.
6. Novell admin win lisa works, but do not have to enter lisa's windows password.
7. Novell admin win admin (administrator enabled user) does not work, even with same password. Novell local windows login prompt returns wrong password error, as in cases above.
8. Novell lisa win lisa does not work - can't login to Novell
9. Win local administrator works workstation only login.
10. Other users do not work on this PC.

Things tried to date:
1. Remove, reinstall Client 4.91sp5
2. Remove NICI, NMAS - PC is making IPX connection
3. Installed Post sp5 field test patch
4. Removed Client 4.91sp5, installed Client 4,91sp4
5. Turned off Norton security/enabled Windows firewall
6. Novell lisa user has no login restrictions


The client does not appear to be forwarding passwords to the Windows side correctly, but why just this PC?

Only admin can login from this PC - but context is correct (admin is at O, users is an OU.

Thanx for the help