I had to move iPrint services from a NW 6.5.5 server to one running 6.5.7.

I installed all the necessary iPrint pieces on the new server and reset apache and tomcat5. I copied the ndps folder to the desired new location, unloaded the broker and printer manager on the old server, used C1 to change select attributes of the broker and print manager to reference the new database locations and host names. The broker and print manager loaded without error on the new server.

My issue is with apache and iprint. The ipp page renders properly in a browser and lists all the printers. I can install the iprint client from http://server/ipp, but clicking on any printer links gives me a 302 error:

http error 302 - temporarily moved

I don't see any helpful errors in the logs in sys:apache2\logs. Are there some logs more specific to iprint? Also, apache appears to load much more slowly than I would expect. It does load, but it take a good 45-60 seconds to load. It loaded instantly on the old location.

I tried installing a completely new printer thinking all the URIs for the old printers were wrong. We don't have DNS referencing the printers so all would be referring to IPs...but even a newly configured printer gives the 302 error. What do I need to correct in apache?