Up until recently, I had a server with BM3.8 on NW6, patched pretty much
to the latest levels, tweaked according to Craig's various tips and
suggestions and all was right in the world.

Then, one day, I turned on transparent proxy, and then (to quote Roger
Zelazney) "that's when the fit hit the shan."

Well, not really. <g> Had to do quite a bit of working and tweaking and
numerous posts, but got it all working right toward the end of August.

Sometime in October, users started complaining about Internet access
disappearing for a minute or two at a time, but it was intermittent and
I could never track it down, until one day it happened to me. I tried to
rconsole to the server, but it was not reachable, so I went to the
server and got on the console. Sure enough, it couldn't even ping
itself. Scouting around, I found on both private NICs and the public NIC
that "Receive discarded, no available buffers" was cranking up,
basically dropping everything. (I have a post on this in the
communication ng, that's not the issue.)

TIDs and subsequent advice indicated either "bad NIC" or "need more
PRBs". Increasing PRBs didn't do anything for it except make it worse. I
had purchased a new server for BM, so I went ahead and migrated to the
new server, reinstalled BM3.8 on NW6.5, patched everything to the latest
levels, and all was well -- for a day. Ok, so hardware is totally out of
the picture. <g>

So I keep tweaking this and that, thought I had it made, went a week
with no problems, it started up again today.

I have done numerous packet traces, and one thing that comes up every
time we have this issue is "bittorrent." It is always present. (Hence my
post a few days ago about filtering this.)

Point is, this had all been working well, like for years, until October
.... and it occurred to me that TP went up in August/September and so I
am wondering if TP could account for this issue? Certainly bittorent has
been around longer than August. :-) The kids come back to school in
September, slowly the word spreads,and suddenly I have an issue.

Question is: could all the bittorrent traffic (and gnutella) be
responsible for putting enough traffic on the lines to choke the NICs? I
understand that the BM filters work somewhat differently when TP is
turned on, so I am thinking I turned on a can of worms when I turned on
TP. :-)

Any suggestions gratefully received, I can tell you. I am looking at
turning off TP (which will at least tell me if that is part of the
problem) but would appreciate any input.

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School