I have 2 BM servers one routes the staff/faculty, and the other routes the
labs. I have been told I can't login ,from the public side, into a server
that is behind BM even though it is a static NAT. so I moved a server from
PRIV to PUB, and loaded PIM. I can't see the server from the private side
now. to make matters even more odd, I have another BM server in the office
for testing purposes, and it will show up from the PRIV side, even though
none of the others will. I can do "display SLP services" on a public
machine, and it will show the private side servers listed, but I do the same
from the PRIV side, and I can only see he PRIV servers. what gives, thought
PIM was supposed to configure itself, or do I need to do something to the
other servers. is there an upgrade for PIM it seems to be from DEC 2001 (V
6.00) ,that seems old, but it is that way on all of these servers. I have
though about SLPDAs, but there are about 10 servers total, and SLPDA seems
to be a pain to setup. any ideas on how to make this work.

P.S. all of these servers have different trees


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