I have a windows client running the novell client connecting to a oes server the server and client are on different subnets and everyting works fine.
When i move the subnet with the windows client behind a firewall i have 2 problems.
1 . the client doesn't find the tree or server anymore i resloved that by entering the ip adres of the server instead of the name
2. the client loses connection after 30 minutes what is the timeout of the firewall meaning the client doesn't send any keep alives
i expermented with a client setting in the registry ClusteringKeepAliveTime when i put it one 1 it seems everyting works and the connections stays working when i put it on more then 1 the server and tree can't be found anymore.
Also when i read the description of the setting i wonder if it has something to do with the general keep alive of the client.

On the firewall i have put an any rule allow in both directions to make sure that can't be the problem
What things i have to put in the client to make it work behind a firewall specially to keep the connection open