Situation: NW 6.5 SP3 server With BK 3.8 SP4 with only the proxy
installed. We are a school in the Netherlands and all users has to use
the proxyserver to go to internet. The server has 1 GB Memory and 2 cache
traditional cache volumes from 8 GByte with only teh DOS NAME SPACE
LOADED. There are 4 rules defined:

1. DENY - SPECIFIED USER (list of users) to http://* and https://
2. DENY - ANY to list of sites
3. ALLOW - SPECIFIED IP RANGE to any (some computers without client and
netware connection)
4. ALLOW - LIST OFF USERS (CONTEXT of USERS) to http://* and https://

AND Authenticate only when users try to access a restricted page.

This should be working I think but there are three major problems.

1- Whatever I do after about 1 or 2 days the server gives errors that the
cache volumes are out of disk space. I tried a lot off things but nothing

2- After about 2 days when I want to unload proxy, it seems that PROXYCFG
hangs on the server. I cannot shutdown the server or rest it. (I wanted
to unload proxy en load it with -CC switch)

3- The rules are not working. Everybode can access the server and
internet if the have a client or not.

Anyone any ideas before I install BM on a new server?

Marcel de Jager