I'm trying to set up a file permissions on NSS volume for specific scenario. We would like to create folders for users like:

All users should have rwcemf permissions for contents of all these folders. But they shouldn't be able to erase or rename parent folders (j_smith, a_white etc.) So I have set the [Public] trustee and granted rwcemf permissions. Also using attrib I'have marked these folders “delete inhibit” and “rename inhibit”. Everything works fine except that any user can modify attributes of these folders and uncheck delete/rename inhibit by clicking on folder properties using Novell Client. I cannot disallow user to modify folder attributes without simultaneously denying a user right to modify /rename the contents of the folder.
The problem is that I don't know how to set permissions only to folder not to its contents. I can do this neither by assigning explicitly a trustee nor using inherited rights filter.

Could anyone help me with this ?

Jakub Kuzniar