We updated our Netware 6 server that runs BM3.7 to service pack 5. Then
updated BM3.7 from service pack 2 to SP3. The next step would be to
install Field Patch 4E. But when we install it the server abends starting
up, and points to filtsrv as the offending process. This server has been
slowing down after 2-3 days, and Field patch 4E is suppose to fix that.

Are there any nlms that filtsrv may load or interact with that may not be
at the most recent version?

We also are in the process of installing a BM3.8 server at another
location. It has a read/write replica of the root partition. It was built
at this location and then moved. We have not gotten a legacy S2S VPN up
between the two servers, so it is unreachable right now. Could this cause
any problems installing updates? What health should the NDS be in when
preforming updates?

Thanks and have a great day!