I have several issues here that I'm sure are related. I'm new to Storage Manager so please bear with me. I apologize for the long post.

We have NW6.5 SP7 running SM 2.5. Event server and agent server running on server at district office and an agent server running at 6 campus locations. Event and agent servers appear to be communicating based on NSAdmin.

I have a policy set to use grooming to delete certain file types (jpg, mp3, wav). Initial test appeared to work as designed and expected. We edited the policy to attempt to delete all user files in their home directory (clear all student user files) by adding *.* with no vaulting and immediate clean up. Policy is assigned, users are managed, and running the grooming in check mode reports that the policy will be applied. But upon actually running the policy, I get the following for every user:

06/15 12:41:02 4: U_Mgr PerformQueueMaint: aa2075.Student.PHS.ASD4 move action to READY
06/15 12:41:02 4: 11999 Go: aa2075.Student.PHS.ASD4 Vaulting source data
06/15 12:41:02 4: 11999 HTTPClientMakeRequest: Failed to get the content length; Result = 121.
06/15 12:41:02 4: 11999 IssueRequestToAgent: Failed to send request to server (
06/15 12:41:02 4: 11999 AgentAddTask: Failed to delegate the task to the Agent (PHSF01) because the request could not be sent.

I wind up with 1200 pending events. Agent appears to "hang" as the pending events never change or run. If I double click any of the pending events, it reports Error 93.

I abort the pending events, re-start the agent, and edited the policy to return to the original set up and tested again. Policy appeared to run correctly with the agent finding matching files but does not delete any of the files. As I say, originally this worked.

First, is it possible to delete all student files and folders by using the grooming aspect of SM? If yes, what am I missing with the above errors.

Thanks in advance for your time.