Currently we are running ESXi 3.5 with one of the VM's being Windows 2003 SP2. Novell Client version is 4.91 SP5. The issue is as follows: We install the Novell Client -> Reboot and we login to the Novell server with no issue. All the mappings appear - we can work normally. We can login to the server again if we need to during that session ( right-click on the red N - login ) .... works perfectly.

However if the VM is restarted for whatever reason it's as if the Novell server does not exist....we cannot connect....even if we skip the login and go into Windows...manually click on the Novell Client - it never finds the server. If we reinstall the client and reboot we can connect again with no issue. It's consistent 100% of the time. At first I thought it maybe the VMXnet driver and so we were trying to trouble shoot with that but it's come down to a reinstall always fixes the problem.

One thing we have noticed as well is when the client has been reinstalled , when the login for the server is suppose to come up the screen remains at a grey screen for about 10 seconds, as if initializing something. As part of the shutdown I could script a client reinstall but I'm hoping to not have to do that....any ideas would be helpful.