I have a server running NetWare 6.5 OES sp1 and BorderManager 3.8.sp4
When CLNTRUST is run from the login script, the script hangs and locks the
machine... I can CTRL+ALT+DEL and end the CLNTRUST and the machine will
finnish booting.

I just upgraded from BM 3.8 sp1 to SP4 last night

I have tried useing the SP3 clntrust file with same results, the SP1 file
will allow the client to load all the way but I get the User not logged in
error message in the browsers.

I have tried changing the # to the @ with no luck

If I remove the clntrust from the login script I can manually run it and it
works perfectly.

I'm pretty sure it is a memory conflict in the boot sequence.... is there
anyway I can delay the clntrust?

Workstations loging in are XPpro SP2 with client 4.91 or 4.90sp2