I'm trying to help a customer troubleshoot problems on a Compaq DL380 G5
server running NW 6.5 sp7. I have three questions that you might know if
you have the same model server:

1) What are the exact instructions of finding where to check in the BIOS if
hyper-threading in enabled or disabled (and disable it if necessary)?
I am having trouble finding instructions specific to the G5 anywhere on
line. I found some G3 instructions and read them to the customer on the
phone while he was in the BIOS, but he said he didn't have the same BIOS
menu options on his G5 as were listed in the instructions for the G3.

2) Do you know which way a Compaq DL380 G5 server is set by default -
hyperthreading on or off? Its pretty likely that their server is set to
whichever is the default.

3) Do you know any settings we can try to force an abend log? The server is
hanging/crashing without writing anything to the abend log file. It won't
accept any commands so can't force it into debug mode. We tried putting
"Set Developer Option=ON" in the Autoexec but that didn't help.

Thank you!