So on a half dozen PCs, the 10.2 install completed, but it errored out during the MSI's Looks like something else has MSIEXEC locked during part of the update, perhaps.

So now when I try to re-install, I get this;

[ZENPreAgent.AgentMain.Main(String[] args)]
installAssemblyMain returned ExitCode:PRE_AGENT_INSTALL_ERR_AGENT_EXISTS

I can't uninstall because it says I am not a member of the admin group on localhost (

The services start, but do not work and only 4 ZAC commands are listed. The uninstall will not let me bypass the removal from zone. If I say ignore, then it says it can't talk to the local ZCM agent.

How do I fix this easily? I spent 2.5 hours Monday fixing one PC by manually removing all of ZCM and reinstalling. I'm don't have the time to do that to all of these.